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Voice Lessons

Our Voice Lessons are designed to teach you to sing the music that you love! Whether you are looking to sing professionally or for fun, we will work to ensure you love every minute of our courses.

Music Theory

Whether you dream of playing music like The Beatles, Ed Sheeran, Beyonce or Mozart himself, Music Theory is exactly what you need to read, write, play like the pros and have fun! All Graded Examinations covered.

Drums & Percussion

Our Drums & Percussion courses are incredible fun and give you the skills to play and read music to a professional standard!


Catering to students of all ages, our Guitar courses are designed to teach you to play just like your favourite musicians! Taught by our professional teachers, you can learn to play for fun or pursue the graded examinations!


Whether you would love to play like Paul McCartney, Billy Joel, Jools Holland, Stevie Wonder or wish to pursue Graded Examinations, our courses ensure that you can learn exactly the way that you want to! The perfect instrument for students of all ages!